About Us



CK Perfect Global Supply Sdn. Bhd. is a private company (sendirian berhad) founded and registered in Johor, Malaysia, which established to supply and services especially to marine industries costumers. Initially, the majority of our business is in supplying and services on all marine products, in various brands and makers.

With the growing demand of our customers, we are now targeting not only to a comprehensive range of supply, yet we are offering a complete solution to our customer’s needs. Today, we are in capable to manufacturer in any shape of boats and deliver it as ready to use. In‘value added ’the satisfaction, we have fully committed to deliver our years of experience and skills in every inch in production of our customer dream boats.

To achieve the goal, we have made total improvement in our team workers, ensuring every players could work hand to hand, with more productive in order to deliver the best result. Our team players are:

  • ➢  Sales Team – To coordinate and balance on all sales activities and schedule with company capacity with customers demand of order. Continuous make improvement to deliver satisfaction in order to make trust from the customers. Continuous searching to develop new market and customer but keep maintain to services current customers.

  • ➢  Purchasing Team – To coordinate with Sales Team in insuring all items request ordered and arrived accordingly as planned and schedule. To update daily stock management to ensure parts always ready when request.

  • ➢  Workshop Team – To liaise and support Sales Team on delivery service of customers engines jobs, including maintenance, repair & overhaul (M.R.O.) Also to assist and coordinate with the management on outside servicing activities.

  • ➢  Production Team – To manufacture new boats for sales, according market demand or customer design order. To repair or make modification on any customer boats requested. Ensuring all production works planned and applied accordingly to schedule.

  • ➢  Admiration Team – To source sufficient talented and produce experience staff with commitment toward creating good team player and team work in each roll of section.


With our office and workshop located in Kota Tinggi, Johor, Malaysia, we are nearby Singapore as the Asia trade center. By the simplification of our logistic operation and strong relationship with our associates, we already cut down the time in sourcing your needs. Our business philosophy is always to growth the relationship with our customers. This will be achieved by delivering the rights products in the right time with the right cost and line while maintaining our customer satisfactions in every aspect.


Ours Core

Our business core value is to develop a sustainable business relationship with our customers while catering their needs within their own set of ideals. It has always been our pleasure to make you achieve your hopes by sourcing your require and solving the problem in your marine materials.


Quality Policy.

We are committed to manufacture and deliver our product and provide our services that comply with customer requirement including regulatory and statutory regulations at all times through continual improvement of our quality.


Quality Objectives.

In relation with our quality policy, we have underlined that our quality objectives will be:

To minimize product defect in every stage of product realization from receiving, production until delivery.

To achieve customer satisfaction through minimization of customer complaint.